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Dry Treatment System dead livestock?
An equipment that dry dead animals, by disease, AI or accident, with medium temperature water heating complex system, and kills insects and sterilize to completely prevent pathogenic bacterium reoccurrence, and the dried materials can be used as compost and fuel.
Major Features
1. Apply a sealed process system by Inner air circulation and close method to minimize bad smell,
    and apply electronic open & close valve to automatic control of On/Off to sterilize materials.
2. If capacity is less than one ton per day, apply heating medium oil by heater to be moved by a car to a site disease
    happened that no need to worry about soil pollution and under ground pollution when disease like AI
    and epidemic stomatitis.
3. Automatic operation system by temp control is applied to secure safety and to minimize operational personnel
    to maximize efficiency.

Flow Sheet
Dry Treatment System dead livestock