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Combustion & Boiler System?
SAC Burner only the burner in Korea that satisfies 3 core elements such as air pollutant countermeasure, user controllability of heat energy, and energy efficiency & economic feasibility and also able to combust all solid fuels such as RPF, RDF, and Wood regarded as new energy.
Major Features
1. Users can control heat energy freely and if operation is stopped, remaining gas will be completely eliminated within 5 minutes.
2. Energy efficient is over 85% and this efficiency is about 20% higher than other similar combustion facilities.
     After an halt of operation, possible to operate the system immediately.
3. Realization of complete combustion with forming gas flow rate turbulence by body rotation method,
    low Nox realization by prevention of dioxin, securing safety by removal of remaining gas to prevent explosion
    when power failure happens.
Combustion & Boiler System