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Food waste recycling system?
Regarding food waste and water & sewage sludge handling, Sinyang has solved fundamental problems such as bad smell, waste water, cause of waste water, sterilization and killing insects, and energy cost, Humidity of dry processed food waste is about 20~25% that the processed materials can be recycled as animal food aid and fuel.
Major Features
1. There is no bad smell.
- Inner circular air ventilation method that completely sealed.
2. There is no preprocess such as crush, dehydration and etc.
- Prevent leachate and bad smell by directly handling original materials.
3. Low cost of energy.
- SBF, new energy, burner is applied as drying heat source.
- save 50% of energy by using heat circulation method.
4. High concentrated fermentation dry.
- Dry original materials with high concentration, but without loss of organic materials occurred from preprocess
   and contains high energy to produce high quality recycle fuel.
5. Creates value added as recycling as animal food aids.
Flow Sheet
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Food waste recycling system